Shirt size guides

Shirt size guides

On internet stores it is always difficult to know if shirt that you want is correct size or not. Well we here at ArduPilot try to make this as easy as possible for you. 

We have measured all our shirts and you can use these measures to check a shirt that you currently own and then choose correct size from our store.

We are constantly adding more measures and collecting user measures. If you want to help us, please use our contact page and take measures from your favorite shirt. Send A,B,C measures to us along with size detail of your shirt and country.

Measure tables:

All measures in Centimeters (CM)

Our sizeABCTypeExtra
Size L43cm70cm51cmPolo
Size XL46cm73cm54cmPolo

Size XXL49cm76cm57cmPolo

Size XXXL52cm79cm60cmPolo

Size XXXXL55cm82cm63cmPolo